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My own OC Racsni

by RatchetHuN (few years ago!) / 2499 views
My personal OC finally done. It took me a lot of time to think about how it should look like. I was just sitting and try to imagine something but when i draw i just didn''t like it. After weeks i first got this idea, now it''s here. The sketch took ~ 3 hour and the vectorizing took ~ 10 hour ( 8 hour from it just for finding the best colors which are fits me ). Almost everyone who saw it ( from friends and family ) first said "His hair just looks like yours" which makes me super glad that finnaly i found the best style for it successfully.
Now after this i think i''m became a 100% brony. I already draw bunch of pictures of ponies, i watched the two seasons several times ( with friends with my sister and on my own ), i think i just have the biggest collection of brony music in my computer , i''m registered on EQD of course ... and finally i got my own pony character too ! I can''t even understand how could this girlish childish cartoon show change my life that much. I always remeber of the time when i got the first conntact with the show, when i first tiped on youtube "My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic" after i found out that this show is exists ( what i just don''t wanna detail because it would take half and an hour ). I felt a bit wierd. Before that i always hated any kind of child cartoon ( except from Looney Tunes, Winnie the Pooh, Treasure Planet, Balto ... and all the genius cartoons which i grew up with ) Just because these days cartoons are all junk. I just can''t enjoy them and it''s not because i''m grew up bacuse i could watch the old cartoons which i like any time if i want because i know they are awesome. But nowadays cartoons are junks. They have no moral and edification, real emotional moments and stuff ... they are junk. but i can''t even remeber what made me watch the show really ... it''s a show for little girls for god sake i thought ( as anybody else thinks who didn''t watch it ). But somehow ... something just made me keep watching it. and after the tenth episode i just watched automatically i just realized : OMG this is AWESOME. I just felt nostalgia in it. It was just awesome. I didn''t even know that bronies are exist or even there are anyone else grown ( or almost grown ) man who watches it even that time. and then all my education came about the show ... Bronies ... the greatest awesomest community ever born in this planet ... that is just so good to live in the sense of there are people who are have something special in their heart.I think i should thank a lot to Hasbro and to Lauren Faust who are created this amazing show for not just kids but for everybody and for the brony community for being such awesome. They are did a great inimitable show which are not so abled to find these days ...

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